About the Artwork:

“2001 - A Stock Odyssey” is a prophetic look at the NYSE predicting the first time the Dow Jones would go over 2000. The painting was unveiled in December 1986 and the Dow Jones reached 2001 on January 8, 1987. Historically, it records the greed which led to the imprisonment of Ivan Boesky and Denis Levine. The colors used in the painting are typical of Cenedella's style - cool and bright at the same time with reds, greens, and pinks, the whole scene basking in a yellow, victorious glow. Literally hundreds of figures participate in the incessant action taking place on the trading floor. To include this much detail in an art work and still be able to make sense of it, characterizes the artist. Other famous people depicted are Ace Greenberg, Bear Stearns, Sandy Weil, Salomon Smith Barney, Muriel Siebert, Ronald Reagan and even Bill Cosby.

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