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The Death of George Grosz
A portrait of the late German satirist, George Grosz, reflecting on his plight in America.
Second Avenue
From Cenedella’s "NYC Life Series," the artist pays homage to his former instructor and mentor, George Grosz, and his longtime friend, Eli Levin.
The Quest
Behold the Child
An early still-life, "Behold the Child" is a homage to George Grosz. Ecce Homo (Behold the Man) was considered Grosz's most defining collection of drawings.


The Artist
One of Cenedella’s earlier paintings.
Heinz 57
B&W Print 1
B&W Print 2
B&W Print 3
B&W Print 4
Garden State
Subway Cats
Also known as "The Reflection," this is one of the earliest of the "Subway Paintings Series."
Skull and Torso
B&B with Artist's Jacket
As in much of Cenedella's works, even his still-lifes suggest a narrative.
Silent Form


The Fight
In "The Fight," Cenedella depicts his parents fighting with a crowd of onlookers, paralleling a boxing match.
View from 301 East 50th Street No. 2